BonitaIMG_8202Dear Parents,

I am excited to celebrate another year as principal at Cape Coral Preparatory and Fitness Academy. I have been in education over 14 years working as a teacher in grades K-8th for 7 years and at the administrative level at the state, district, and school level for the other years in grades pre-K-12th. My goal is to ensure that all students move to higher levels of achievement and towards readiness to compete academically, socially, technologically, and globally, so that all students are career and college ready. My extensive experience as an educator, administrator, and teacher leader have given me a high degree of knowledge in multiple facets of education ranging from curriculum development in all subjects; professional development, teaching, and administration. My experience also includes teaching and working with many types of students, including but not limited to struggling learners, students in poverty, gifted and talented students, students with disabilities, and English learners.

I believe in using best practices that are scientifically research-based and proven by data analysis and review to be effective in increasing student achievement. I look forward to meeting and working closely with you, your child’s teacher, and your child to help every student reach their full potential and achieve academic success.

Mrs. Jennifer Fowler, Ed.S.
Principal, CCPFA